Best Monero Casinos in 2022 – Reviews of Top Casinos Accepting (XMR)

Reviews of Monero casinos

What Is Monero?

Monero (XMR) is an open-source cryptocurrency. The coin’s technology is focused on the complete confidentiality of users’ personal and financial data.

Recently, cryptocurrencies have shown incredible demand from online users. It seems that the online community has positively welcomed the use of decentralization and blockchain technology. Users can now make secure online purchases and make deposits at Monero casinos as quickly as possible.

Some of the existing cryptocurrencies strive to achieve complete privacy and anonymity. Others allow public viewing of all transactions and do not consider confidentiality a mandatory element.

As for Monero, this currency has achieved enormous popularity and recognition among the crypto community, as the developers have focused on the complete confidentiality of financial transactions.

Here are the key points to keep in mind:

  • The coin is often used in Monero casinos. Thus, gambling providers strive to provide their customers with the maximum speed of transactions and confidentiality of data when reloading an account or withdrawing funds.
  • The blockchain does not disclose detailed information about each transaction, including data such as the amount and the address of the sender or recipient.
  • Users can mine the coin using their computing power. You hardly need to buy complex and expensive equipment to mine Monero right from your home.
  • The coin uses the principle of the egalitarian concept. Simply put, all users are equal and deserve an equal opportunity.
  • Initially, the coin developers did not distribute the token among the team members. The company’s concept was that all work was carried out at the expense of donations and support from the crypto community.

Is Monero Widely Used in Online Casinos?

Monero casinos have become very popular over the past few years. Advanced gambling operators have drawn attention to this payment method due to its ability to ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity of financial transactions.

Today, an increasing number of users tend not to disclose their sensitive and financial data, especially when it comes to depositing on an online casino site.

Suppose you already know how to make online payments using cryptocurrency or just want to get the maximum level of security when depositing and withdrawing funds. In that case, Monero casinos definitely deserve your attention.

More importantly, crypto casinos can provide every gambler with incredibly lucrative bonus rewards. This is another reason why Monero casinos continue to be popular among online players worldwide. Meanwhile, the market capitalization of the coin continues to gain momentum. Most likely, gambling operators will further develop the segment of online crypto casinos offering Monero games.

How to Buy and Deposit in Online Casinos Using Monero?

Buy and Deposit in Online Casinos Using Monero

Buying XMR and making a deposit on the Monero casino site is a simple procedure that does not require any special technical skills. However, some beginners have difficulty buying cryptocurrency and transferring a deposit to a crypto casino site.

Let’s look at a brief guide on how to purchase a coin and then dwell on the whole process in more detail.

Step by step guide on how to buy XMR and deposit at Monero casino site:

  1. Visit the website of a crypto exchange and go through the registration procedure
  2. Link your bank card or bank account to your account on a crypto exchange website
  3. Find the XMR icon among the list of available crypto assets and click on it
  4. Specify the number of coins you want to purchase and confirm the purchase of digital money
  5. Visit a Monero casino website and tap on the “Deposit” button
  6. Specify the amount of the deposit
  7. Copy and paste your crypto wallet address
  8. Confirm the transaction

Now let’s dwell on the account replenishment procedure in more detail. So, the first thing you need to do is choose one of the crypto exchanges. You can choose between Binance, Coinbase, or Bitmex. Each of these operators has been in the market long enough to claim that you will be dealing with a reliable exchange.

Next, go through the registration process. You will need to send a scanned copy of your driver’s license or ID card here. After that, you can link a payment card or bank account to your profile. Remember that crypto exchanges will require you to provide personal data and pass authentication.

Next, you will need to find a reliable crypto casino that accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment method. You can spend hours of your time reading the numerous reviews and testimonials.

Next, you will need to register on the crypto casino website. In this case, you do not need to add sensitive or financial data. It is enough to specify the email and add a secure password to create an account.

The next step is to initiate the transfer of funds. Visit your profile on a crypto exchange website and copy a crypto wallet address. Keep in mind that almost all crypto exchanges allow users to store purchased crypto assets on internal crypto wallets. After copying the address of your storage, you need to go to the deposit section on a casino website and add the crypto wallet address to the appropriate field. It would be better to copy and paste the address rather than typing it in manually.

After confirming the transaction, all that remains is to wait for the funds to be credited. The average waiting time will be no more than 10 minutes, while the speed of transactions does not depend on a deposit amount.


Let’s also look at the withdrawal procedure. Imagine that you are lucky enough to win some money and decide to take profits. Move to the “Deposit” section and click on the “Withdraw” button. You will then need to enter your crypto wallet address and the amount you wish to withdraw.

Remember that, unlike traditional gaming operators, Monero casinos process withdrawal runs instantly. Transactions with cryptocurrencies, including Monero, take 2 to 10 minutes (on average). Don’t worry if a crypto casino indicates that the average withdrawal time is 24 hours.

How to Play in Monero Casino?

So, you probably caught the idea that registration on a crypto exchange website is the first step before starting to play in the Monero casino. However, do not forget about such an essential thing as choosing a crypto wallet.

Some users do not bother and prefer to use an account on a crypto exchange website to store crypto assets. However, this approach can play a dirty trick on you. Crypto exchanges are very often subject to hacker attacks. Who knows, maybe your account will become an accidental victim of scammers.

Those who are not used to taking risks can choose between hardware and software crypto wallets. In both cases, you will get much more security than if you kept money on a crypto exchange website.

Software wallets are special software that allows users to store funds on their device (smartphone, PC, or tablet). This software also has a high level of security. The main precaution is not to share your crypto wallet data with third parties, including friends or acquaintances.

Hardware storage is one of the safest ways to store and use your crypto assets. If you want maximum security, you should opt for hardware wallets. These devices are similar to flash drives in many ways.

Once you install or purchase a crypto wallet, you can buy cryptocurrencies to deposit on the Monero casino site.

Keep in mind that cryptocurrency is a highly volatile payment instrument whose price can fluctuate every second. Therefore, the coin can fall and rise in price. It means as soon as you fix profit, it is better to convert digital money into fiat money.

After making a deposit, you can analyze a gaming portfolio and choose a list of games where you would like to try your luck. If you are a beginner, choosing such a popular tab as video slots will be better. Here you can practice on demo versions of games or immediately start spinning the reels of top-level fruit machines.

What Games Can Be Played in Monero Casinos?

Slowly but steadily, we have approached such an essential point as Monero games. Crypto casinos have long understood that the maximum diversity of the game library leads to the fact that the number of new users is constantly increasing.

Now, hardly anyone can say that a Monero casino is inferior to traditional online gaming houses in terms of the quantity and quality of gaming products. Remember that the difference between Monero casinos and conventional online casinos lies in the payment method only.

Crypto casinos are constantly expanding the list of online games and offer only the best products. Here are some popular games available at the best Monero casinos right now:

  • Video slots. This section is one of the most frequently visited. Suppose you decide to try your luck at Monero Casino. In that case, you can be sure that you will get access to an incredible variety of slot games, including progressive jackpot video slots. The thing is that most of the well-known developers of online games have focused on creating one-armed bandits.
  • Poker. Poker is a game that is especially popular among online players. Today you can try your luck on the video version of the game or go to the poker room with a live dealer. Unfortunately, Monero casinos rarely host poker tournaments. However, if you value privacy and anonymity, Monero Poker is the way to go!
  • Blackjack. You are unlikely to find the best Monero casino that can do without this popular game. The simple rules and incredible game atmosphere attract users’ attention worldwide. You can choose popular options such as playing against the computer or a dealer. Keep in mind that live blackjack is very popular. Therefore, do not be surprised if all the places at the table may be occupied.
  • Roulette. Roulette is one of the oldest and most sought-after games of chance in any Monero casino. Professional dealers, the ability to communicate with other players in a live chat, and an incredible atmosphere – it is worth trying to win a big jackpot in the Monero casino. If you want to get the whole experience and enjoy the unique atmosphere, then be sure to get on the roll with live dealer versions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Monero

Monero is one of the top cryptocurrencies. However, its technology has some flaws. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of XMR.


Anonymity is the key advantage of this payment method. Some inexperienced users believe that almost all cryptocurrencies have such properties as privacy and anonymity. Perhaps you also think that a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin completely hides information about a recipient and sender. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

For example, a Bitcoin address is continuously published on the blockchain, so all previous and subsequent transactions can be associated with this address. In turn, Monero uses the so-called ring signatures.

To provide even more privacy Monero casino payment method uses hidden addresses. Simply put, all user transactions are mixed with the address of other users. This approach makes any transaction untraceable on the network.

Maybe this all sounds too complicated for you. Still, security and privacy are always a priority for most online gamblers. Thus, a permanent address is hidden behind disposable addresses that are not reused.

The next equally important advantage is the speed of the transaction. You’ve probably heard that deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrencies are almost instantaneous.

Monero casino is an excellent opportunity to reduce the intervals between depositing funds to a minimum. Now you do not need to wait until the bank allows the transaction. The waiting time after making a deposit is about 10 minutes on average.

Another advantage of this payment method is that since 2014 the project has continued to grow. The fact that the technology is still relevant for the crypto community speaks of the high potential of the Monero project.

Most importantly, this speaks to the reliability of the payment method that Monero casinos use. It is unlikely that the project existed for so long and received such flattering reviews on the Internet if it was a scam. The fact that the payment instrument is used for online gambling shows that Monero games are trustworthy.

Finally, it is worth noting that XMR has one of the lowest transaction fees. It is noteworthy that the commission is much lower than that of Bitcoin. The commissions are so low that you will hardly notice them when making a deposit or withdrawing winnings. Moreover, such popular services as Paypal, Neteller, and Skrill cannot be compared with Monero casinos regarding the number of commissions for each transaction.

However, you should not assume that Monero is a technology that is entirely devoid of flaws. The fact is that this technology is just beginning to gain popularity among crypto casinos, and so far, it has not been widely adopted.

Of course, you can easily find dozens of Monero casinos that offer to deposit or withdraw funds using this payment method. However, their number is much lower than Bitcoin casinos. Some experts argue that payment methods such as Ethereum or Binance coin are more common than Monero. In the meantime, if you choose a reliable Monero casino, then you can relax and enjoy gambling all day long.

The lack of fraud protection is also an important issue that Monero casino players may face. Almost all crypto casinos don’t have proper licenses and permits. Accordingly, you can easily fall for scammers if you ignore such an issue as choosing a reliable Monero casino.

Keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are very often the objects of theft. If scammers transfer funds from your crypto wallet, you will not be able to return them under any circumstances. All transactions with cryptocurrency are irreversible.

Monero Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions with monero coin

If you are determined to play Monero casino, then be prepared that you will find a vast number of different types of bonuses. It is vital to research in advance all the promotional offers and privileges that you can get for registering or making a deposit.

Below is a list of the most popular Monero casino bonus offers that you can claim right away:

  • Matched deposit bonus. This bonus has gained immense popularity among all the welcome bonuses available at Monero casino. Gambling houses offer this award to entice newcomers. In the meantime, your deposit will be increased by 100%. For example, if you funded your account with $50, the total amount available for use in the Monero casino will be $100.
  • Free spins. This is a great way to introduce new Monero games to players. More often than not, these rewards are part of a larger welcome package. After receiving free spins, you can try your luck on specific slot machines without risking your budget. Please note that the list of games available to use free spins is always listed in terms of the bonus promotion.
  • No deposit reward. Without exaggeration, no deposit prizes are the most popular reward for online players. Just imagine, it is enough for you to register by entering your email and coming up with a complex password. Next, a Monero casino will transfer you a reward in the form of bonus points. Remember that receiving a no deposit bonus involves using a unique bonus code in some cases.
  • Deposit bonus. Some Monero casinos encourage players to deposit on certain days of the week. For example, the deposit can be increased by 50%. Remember that the maximum deposit amount, in this case, will be necessarily limited. We are talking about the opportunity to grow your deposit on a particular day of the week up to $100.
  • Loyalty bonuses. This whole system of rewards was created to support registered users and increase loyalty rates in the Monero casino. As players increasingly deposit and enjoy Monero games, crypto casinos can offer special rewards and exclusive perks. We are talking about additional bonus points and more valuable prizes that can be delivered right to your doorstep.
  • VIP program. Some gamblers get the privilege to join a closed VIP club. If you are a regular user who makes large deposits in Monero casino, you can get VIP status. This means that you have become a member of a closed club. Now you can enjoy unique bonuses, higher prize pools and participate in private tournaments hosted by Monero Casino.

Mobile Monero Casinos

It seems that mobile casinos are experiencing a new peak in popularity. Players are thrilled to spin the reels on the go and be transferred to the Monero casino site in one click.

At first glance, mobile sites are no different from their desktop counterparts. They are optimized versions of gambling sites and have straightforward navigation. It is noteworthy that if you do not want to download an application for iOS or Android on your device, it is enough to use the mobile version of the site.

More importantly, the app and the mobile version of the casino are perfectly optimized for different screen resolutions. Now you don’t have to zoom in to see the title of each tab.

In addition, Monero casinos very often reward their users for making deposits at mobile casinos. Therefore, it is recommended to study what bonuses you will receive for using mobile casinos before downloading an app or registering on the mobile version of the site.


Is It Safe to Play Monero Casinos?

Yes, it is safe if we are talking about a reliable gaming provider with a good reputation among online players.

Are Monero Casinos Legal?

In most Monero countries, crypto casinos are entirely legal. The thing is that rarely any country has clear legislation prohibiting players from trying their luck in a crypto casino. If you do not live in the US, then most likely, Monero casinos are legal for residents of your country.

Why Is Monero Better Than Bitcoin?

XMR has more privacy than Bitcoin. The technology uses a complex system that hides the recipient and sender addresses and transaction amounts.

What Games Can I Play Using Monero?

After registering with Monero casino, you can try your luck at Monero games such as online roulette, live dealer games, poker, blackjack, one-armed bandits, fruit slots, and so on.

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