Best Binance Coin Casinos in 2022 – Reviews of Top Casinos Accepting (BNB)

Reviews of Binance coin casinos

What Is Binance Coin?

Binance coin is one of the top cryptocurrencies launched by the famous crypto exchange – Binance. At the end of 2021, the Binance exchange ranked first in transaction volume among all crypto exchanges in the world. Just imagine that the site processed more than 1.4 million transactions every second.

Here are the critical points about the Binance coin that you should keep in mind:

  • Binance coin was launched by the Binance exchange and is traded with the BNB ticker on most of the top crypto exchanges.
  • In the early stages of coin development, the creators used the Ethereum protocol. Over time, the developers decided to move to the Binance blockchain.
  • Binance uses a fifth of the profits to buy back BNB coins four times a year. This procedure is necessary to irrevocably burn a part of Binance coins and thereby support the permanent growth of the crypto asset price.
  • The coin was created in 2017 to reduce trading fees on the network. Over time, the list of places to use the token has expanded significantly. BNB is now used in apps and for paying fees on the Binance network. In addition, the coin began to be used for booking tickets, paying for online entertainment, and other services.
  • Last year, the capitalization of the Binance network exceeded $56 billion. The coin underperforms several top digital assets, including USD Tether, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

The developers raised a colossal amount of funds during the ICO, half of which was supposed to be used for branding and marketing. About a third of the funds raised were used to create a working version of the Binance platform, and further update the ecosystem according to the roadmap plans.

Is Binance Coin Widely Used in Online Casinos?

Today, the coin is very often bought online by players for Binance coin games. Using a digital asset for gambling has many benefits and privileges for an end-user.

A traditional casino can never be compared to a Binance coin casino regarding transaction speed and payment anonymity. Moreover, the use of blockchain technology implies a high level of security for gamblers’ data and their money.

Here are some of the main reasons why Binance coin casino is hugely popular among online players:

  • Unique features of transactions. Binance coin games are in high demand due to the high speed of transactions associated with deposits and withdrawals. However, convenient deposits are not the only advantage why Binance coin casino is at the peak of its popularity. The anonymity of payments also played a huge role.
  • Instant deposit of funds. Every transaction on the network takes place within the Binance blockchain. This means that users can enjoy Binance coin games without having to worry about depositing or withdrawing funds. The absence of intermediaries implies that you will no longer have to wait for the bank to approve the payment. Everything happens instantly!
  • Virtually zero fees. Each player seeks to use their funds to the maximum. It is unlikely that anyone wants to pay extra fees for replenishing an account or withdrawing funds. In this case, the Binance coin casino attracts players by offering the lowest costs. In addition, Binance Launchpad can provide users with access to exclusive BNB sales at an even better rate.

Finally, it is worth noting that the popularity of the Binance coin casino is the ability to receive instant payouts without a single delay. Gambling houses offering games with Binance coins have become a widespread phenomenon on the Internet.

How to Buy and Deposit in Online Casinos Using Binance Coin?

Buy and Deposit in Online Casinos Using Binance Coin

If this is your first time registering at Binance coin casino, you need to know how to start gambling. First of all, let’s figure out how to buy a coin and make a deposit on the crypto casino website.

Stage 1. Choosing a Crypto Casino

The popularity of the Binance coin casino has led to the fact that users may experience difficulties in choosing a reliable gaming platform. Many crypto casinos are offering to use the Binance coin as a payment method. Do not be surprised if you come across gambling houses offering to store your digital assets directly on the crypto casino website.

When choosing a Binance coin casino, pay attention to such parameters as the age of a casino and the reputation of the website among online players. Do not be too lazy to spend a few hours choosing a decent gambling platform.

Stage 2. Registration

Once you have chosen a reliable gambling operator, it is time to register an account on a Binance coin casino site. Go to the official page of the crypto casino and click on the “Join Now” button.

Note that casinos offering cryptocurrency as a payment method do not require sensitive information. You often need to add an email address and develop a solid password to log into your account. Remember that sharing your account information with friends or acquaintances is a bad scheme.

Stage 3. Buying a Coin

This step is quite simple and is no different from buying other cryptocurrencies. First, you will need to register on the crypto exchange website. It will be easier if you choose Binance exchange.

The registration procedure looks quite simple and will take you longer than 5 minutes. Enter the number of coins you want to buy and confirm your actions. Next, you must link your bank card to your account on the crypto exchange website and purchase the required amount of crypto assets. Keep in mind that the Binance exchange offers some of the lowest fees.

Step 4. Deposit and Check Out a Game Library

After purchasing digital funds, you can go to the Binance coin casino website and tap on the “Deposit” section. It is enough to indicate the address of the crypto wallet specified in your account on a crypto exchange website and add the deposit amount.

Remember that every Binance coin casino offers a wide range of deposit bonus gifts. Once the funds are credited to the account, you can check the game portfolio and select some top games. Choose the best deal and try your luck on video slots or live dealer games – it’s up to you!

Stage 5. Withdrawal of Funds

Let’s say you’re lucky and win some coins. It’s time to think about withdrawing funds to take profits and enjoy the long-awaited victory. Learn the casino rules and check the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits.

As a rule, the best Binance coin casinos do not charge additional fees for withdrawals or deposits. However, the minimum withdrawal amount is a crucial parameter that should be checked first.

Keep in mind that the procedure for withdrawing winnings takes no more than 10 minutes. The speed of transactions mainly depends on your crypto wallet and does not depend on the withdrawal amount. Binance coin casino often indicates that withdrawals can take up to 24 hours. All transactions occur much faster and are calculated in minutes, not hours.

How to Play in Binance Сoin Casino?

Initially, the Binance coin was supposed to be used for online settlements and payment for services. The benefits of using the coin as a payment method have attracted the attention of crypto casinos from all over the world. Today, Binance coin games are a completely different world that cannot be compared with traditional online casinos.

Instant deposit and withdrawal of funds, as well as the opportunity to try your luck in games with live dealers, immediately appealed to online users.

More importantly, getting started at Binance coin casino is an intuitive process that even beginners can figure out. The procedure for replenishing an account and making a deposit has already been considered. All that remains is to scan the game library and find the most viral Binance coin game.

Who knows, maybe the game mechanics will be too complicated and incomprehensible, or the rules will be too confusing. Remember that the best Binance coin casinos offer a wide range of gaming entertainment demos. Simply put, you can test a game before depositing real money.

Do not rush to deposit if a game has a demo version option. It makes no sense to spend hard-earned funds choosing a game at random.

What Games Can Be Played in Binance Сoin Casinos?

Remember once and for all, the list of Binance coin games is no different from the gaming portfolio of the top-rated online casinos. The main difference is that crypto casinos offer users the opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds using cryptocurrencies, including the Binance coin.

The portfolio of the best Binance coin casinos includes:

  • Video slots. This is the most popular gaming tab on crypto casino sites. The fact is that this segment is developing the fastest among all gambling products. Video slots use the popular plots of online games, movies, and series and offer an excellent level of graphics. Be sure to try your luck on slot machines from such popular brands as Netent, BC.Game and Quickspin.
  • Binance coin blackjack. Here you can try your luck in games in real-time or test numerous strategies in video format. It is noteworthy that this game has not yet lost its popularity due to its simple rules and great gaming atmosphere.
  • Online roulette. All the best Binance coin casinos offer a wide range of different roulette game versions. Keep in mind that if you are planning to try your luck on Binance coin games for the first time, including roulette, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of each specific version. In some cases, players receive a higher percentage of potential winnings. Therefore, the choice is yours.
  • Poker. It is unlikely that you will find a Binance coin casino that does not offer this game. On the contrary, poker is the hallmark of many crypto casinos, especially those offering games with live dealers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Binance Coin

Any digital coin has its pros and cons. It should be understood that the BNB coin is a convenient way to make a deposit and withdraw funds. However, there are always some shortcomings that are worth looking at.

Let’s check the hits of using the Binance coin.

Awesome Bonuses

Binance coin casino offers a wide variety of bonuses for beginners and registered users. The immense rewards await beginner players who plan to make their first deposit. Also, do not forget about the possibility of receiving free spins. The best Binance coin casinos can afford to reward every newcomer with 100 free spins on the most popular slot machines.

Remember about the possibility of receiving bonuses as part of the loyalty program. Suppose you have already registered and are actively spinning the reels. In that case, Binance coin casino may offer you to participate in the loyalty program and receive exclusive prizes, including real money or participation in closed tournaments.

Maximum Security Level

Blockchain is one of the most advanced technologies regarding personal and financial data security. All transactions at Binance coin casino are encrypted and protected using such popular technology as 2FA (two-factor user authentication). This fact almost eliminates the possibility of hacking customer accounts by scammers.

Therefore, using Binance coin for deposits and withdrawals is a reasonable step in terms of security and speed of transactions. Plus, any movement of funds is entirely anonymous and excludes third parties to confirm the money transfer. Now only you can control your funds and not rely on a bank or a regulator’s goodwill.

Binance coin casino eliminates even the slightest risk of personal data hacking, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games. In addition, if you register on the Binance exchange website, you can use your account as a crypto wallet to store a wide variety of crypto assets.

Instant Withdrawal

Cryptocurrency has allowed gaming sites to provide their customers with fantastic payment options. Earlier, crypto casinos are significantly superior to traditional gambling houses in terms of deposit and withdrawal speed. The thing is that Binance coin casinos are not required to comply with a considerable number of financial rules that adversely affect the rate of withdrawal of funds.

In other words, Binance coin casinos can entirely focus on providing their services promptly and quickly. Therefore, if you want to get your winnings ASAP – Binance coin games are the best way out.

Low Commissions

Believe it or not, Binance coin commissions are significantly lower than other blockchains, including popular alternatives like Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you plan to buy a few coins to deposit at the Binance coin casino, it will cost you as low as 0.02%. On the other hand, purchasing a crypto asset with fiat funds may require a commission of up to 4.5%.

Despite its positives, BNB also has a few downsides that should not be overlooked.

This is about:

  • No license and unregulated market. We are talking about cryptocurrency, which means dealing with an unregulated market. You will unlikely find at least one Binance coin casino regulated by the Curacao Gaming Authority or the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom. Some experts believe that this can create a series of obstacles for players who want to play it safe and avoid even the slightest problems with online casinos.
  • Difficulties with choosing a crypto wallet. The need to download and install a crypto wallet very often becomes one of the main problems for online players. The fact is that a crypto wallet is a milestone element necessary for buying and storing crypto assets and making deposits in a Binance coin casino. In addition, many beginners complain that they need to carry out the initial settings of a crypto wallet and only after that start online games.
  • Risk of losing funds. Crypto exchanges often become the object of hacker attacks, leading to the complete loss of all funds. If you decide to store coins on a crypto exchange website, then get prepared that you can be left empty-handed at any time.

Binance Coin Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions with Binance coin

The best crypto casinos always offer new and registered users some unique bonus options:

Binance coin casino always uses promotions as part of its strategy to attract new customers and reward registered players. The bonuses aim to increase the income of a casino. However, this does not mean that users cannot benefit from rewards for registering an account or making a deposit.

If you are a beginner and planning to register on the Binance coin casino site for the first time, you should pay attention to the welcome bonuses. These rewards can provide you with the best starting opportunities. In some cases, these bonuses mean that you can increase your deposit or get free spins on the top-level video slots.

In turn, match deposit bonuses mean that making a deposit will increase the stake by 100 or even 200%. In addition, such rewards are very often supplemented with free spins and other unique prizes. All this allows you to try your luck in numerous Binance coin games without having to spend your funds and worry about the result.

You can get exclusive access to closed online tournaments or compete for big cash prizes. To get the maximum rewards, you need to participate in the VIP programs. Keep in mind that each Binance coin casino has different rules for participating in the programs. You may need to make a generous deposit or demonstrate an active game for the crypto casino to offer you to become part of a closed VIP club.

Mobile Binance Сoin Casinos

Playing Binance coin casino on mobile devices has proven extremely useful for developing the crypto gambling industry. It’s not just about being able to place bets while sitting in your favorite chair. However, this factor is also of great importance for online gamblers.

Mobile casinos have offered online users an entirely new dimension with the ability to place bets at any convenient time.

Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are closely connected with real life. These devices are vital, especially when purchasing, making work notes, or monitoring health apps. Now Binance coin games have become a part of the life of most online players who are not opposed to killing time in their favorite games of chance.

Instant access to a gaming portfolio is the most critical factor in allowing online users to gamble from the comfort of their couch. You can easily view all available online games or make several bets in online roulette at any convenient time. You will instantly understand the importance of this advantage as soon as you want to place a bet while drinking your morning coffee before starting the workday.

The part of online users is growing day by day. The active development of the mobile segment has led developers to pay more attention to the creation of Binance coin games. This trend is unlikely to stop in the next five years. Therefore, if you want to get access to a reliable Binance coin casino in one click, then installing a mobile app or saving a mobile website in a browser will be a real salvation.


Is It Safe to Play Binance Сoin Casinos?

Yes, definitely! A crypto casino is safe when it comes to a reliable gaming operator. Binance coin casinos can provide their users with complete anonymity during financial transactions and are not inferior to traditional online casinos in terms of the number and level of games. Once you choose a reliable casino, you can completely relax and enjoy the gaming process without having to worry about the security of your sensitive and financial data.

Are Binance Coin Casinos Legal?

It all depends on your country of residence. Some jurisdictions, including the US, may discourage or prohibit online users from playing Binance coin games. On the other hand, you are unlikely to find specific laws that directly or indirectly prohibit gambling in a crypto casino.

Why Is Binance Coin Better Than Bitcoin?

Binance coin is the third-largest cryptocurrency that was created on the Binance exchange. More importantly, the Binance coin is significantly cheaper than Bitcoin and does not have as high volatility as the top crypto coin. Therefore, you can be sure that your winnings will not depreciate while you are waiting for the funds to be credited.

What Games Can I Play Using Binance Coin?

Binance coin casinos have advanced game libraries that include one-armed bandits, poker, baccarat, roulette, craps, blackjack, etc.

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